Being able to catch sunrise at 1,717m above sea level on top of Mt Batur was really nice. You get to see the caldera, the monkeys that are living there, as well as being able to cook breakfast (eggs) in the crater (it's an active volcano) was really worth the 2-hour hike that starts at 4am (pickup from the homestay at 2am!). The mountains in the foreground are Mt Abang and Mt Agung, which is the highest point in the island of Bali at 3,031m.

Fast Fact


Departure : 09.00 am
Goa Gajah : Elephant Cave Temple
Tampak Siring : The Holy Spring Temple
Temen : Coffe Plantation
Penelokan : The Viewing of Mount and Lake Batur
Besakih: The Biggest Temple in Bali "Located at Slope of Mount Agung"
Rendang : Nice view of Rice Terrace
Klungkung : Old Court Justice of Klungkung Wisdom