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We realize that there are still individuals or groups of people who are disadvantaged and helpless. Because social welfare is not evenly distributed. Through Padma Care, we allocate a portion of the proceeds from the tourism business we run to be shared with those in need.

We thank all of you who have contributed, directly or indirectly, through Padma Care. We regularly update all fund distribution activities and report detailed activities in a transparent manner.

Let’s care and share, because prosperity is the right of all independent citizens. No one can be left behind.

Vision and Mission


To be an agent of positive change in society through sustainable social contributions.


Allocate social funds to support initiatives that improve social welfare, education, and the environment.

Profile of "Padma Care," a Social Fund Distribution Agency from Ubud Padma Retreat

Main Objective

Distribute social funds from Ubud Padma Retreat and external donations to support social programs that have a positive impact on Balinese people who are in need.

Fund Direction Focus

Education: Encouraging access to and quality of education in surrounding communities.
Social Welfare: Supports all efforts that improve the welfare of society, especially the vulnerable.
Environment: Contribute to nature conservation and environmental impact mitigation efforts.

Fund Management Model

Transparency: Provide regular financial and development reports to provide transparency to donors and interested parties.
Participatory: Open opportunities for the community and stakeholders to provide input and suggestions regarding fund allocation.

Featured Programs

Educational Scholarships: Providing scholarships to high-achieving and financially disadvantaged students.
Skills Training: Organizing skills training to increase employment opportunities.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Always be open to opportunities to collaborate with parties who have a similar focus to increase positive impacts.

Management and Team

Supervisory Board: has a board that is responsible for ensuring funds are distributed in accordance with Padma Care's mission and vision.
Implementation Team: Consists of/ individuals who are competent and committed to managing Padma Care's daily activities.

Communications and Publications

Social Media: Actively use social media to share stories about social activities and developments at Padma Care.
Community Events: Host events that engage the community to build relationships and support active participation.

Impact Measurement

Regular Evaluation: Conduct regular evaluations of funded projects to ensure sustainable positive impacts.


Innovation: Continue to look for new ways to increase effectiveness and efficiency in distributing funds.
Program Growth: Expanding program coverage and increasing the scale of positive impact.

Prime Location: Proximity to Ubud Palace, Ubud Market, and Local Restaurants

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